More Adventures of an Adventure-Prone Girl

Anecdotes of a (not so) recent graduate turned "mature student" and some of the stuff that happened before that

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The Guilt is Eating at Me

I thought I was okay to stop posting here, but I find I feel like I’m abandoning a puppy. I’ve been writing in my new blog, so I’m just going to link the new entries on over here. I’m not going to completely re-post them, but meet in the middle in an attempt to wean myself off tumblr. 

About procrastination: Counterproductive Productivity aka The Lesser of Two Evils

Relevant meme: There’s a logical explanation

About my birthday: I’m only getting younger

About filling free time: No more pencils, no more books

About my good news: Success!

About having guests: Preparing for a Guest

Phew. That’s a load off. Enjoy them, or don’t. As you will.