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Life’s little coincidences

If you’ve never been to Prague and don’t watch Supernatural, you may not appreciate this post. That said, I recommend that you both go to Prague and start watching Supernatural, not to understand this post, but for the sake of your happiness. 

I was in Prague a couple weeks ago and I’ll likely post a few pictures soon as the city is absolutely beautiful even in the freezing cold when it’s grey and snowing all the time. While there I did a free walking tour which took us through the Jewish quarter where we learned the story of Rabbi Loew and his Golem. While the word Golem might bring to mind either the Lord of the Rings Gollum:


or the Pokemon golem:


or if you’re like me, both, the Golem of Praha was actually giant creature, a protector of the Jews in the city, controlled by his Rabbi. It is thought that the Golem really existed and was merely a very large man, either with Marfan Syndrome or some other form of gigantism. Calling him a Golem, making him some sort of creature, probably helped to protect him, causing people to run in fear rather than try to kill him. 

I found the story of the Golem fascinating and picked up a few postcards with a representation of him that I really liked. I might frame them someday. 


Fast forward to this past Wednesday when Supernatural aired. Granted, being in Ireland, I didn’t technically see it until Thursday but that’s unimportant. The episode was all about a Golem who is inherited by Aaron, a young Jewish man who cheated his way through Hebrew school and is the grandson of the rabbi who originally controlled the Golem. Aaron used the pages with the instructions on how to control the Golem as rolling papers, burning them all, and now doesn’t know what to do.


Sam and Dean, the show’s hapless heroes, have to try to help him regain control of the creature while fighting off some very special Nazis. Ridiculous, yes, but also relevant and an odd coincidence in my little universe. It’s funny how these things happen.